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Make Money with Watcher

- You will receive a 35% commission on all orders placed by referrals from your website

What You Can Earn

Have a web site and want to be our reseller or affiliate? Now you can get an extra income by joining our pay-per-sale program. You will receive commission 35% of products price $39.00! For example, somebody comes to our site from your one to download "Watcher" you promote. He downloads it and, after some time (up to 2 months!), he decides to register it. Immediately when he buys it you get $13.65! So if you have referred 1000 people, who bought "Watcher", you get impressive $13650!

Please note that you only have to place a link to our program on your own site. That is all!

On top of that, you can even generate your special build (do-it-yourself in an easy way) so that Watcher will point to your RegNow purchase page directly!

How to Join the Affiliate Program

1. Join RegNow's affiliate program. 

Click here to join. RegNow is the biggest software registration service in the world. You will receive an affiliate ID# shortly after your request is approved (usually within 24 hours).

2. Select Watcher as the product you want to sell.

"7765-1" is our Watcher product ID. After that, you can then insert the appropriate HTML code into your web site.

How to Refer Customers and hence get your commission

There are two methods which you can use to refer the customer in order to get the 35% commission. Each of them is described in details below.

1. Link to Digi-Watcher's Homepage or Download Page

This method referrers a customer directly to our homepage or download page. Then RegNow's script will record your affiliate ID in client's cookie, and your ID will be used even if user register by clicking program's internal ordering link or button one month later! This is new and very efficient affiliate method. The links you should use are:

Link to our homepage:


Link to Watcher's download page:


Please replace "----" with your 4 numbers affiliate ID# (e.g. 1234).

2. Link to our Software's Order Form

This method referrers a customer directly to our Software's order form with your affiliate ID, for example, via a "buy now" button on your website. This method also records a customer's visit even if he decides to order lately, you will still receive credit for the sale.

The link you should use for this method is:
Please replace "----" with your 4 numbers affiliate ID# (e.g. 1234).


We use dynamic buy page to protect affiliate's benefits. Once the customer has a RegNow affiliate cookie (as a result of clicking any of the above mentioned 3 links), our buy page will detect it and only show RegNow as the exclusive service provider. So your income is gauranteed!

Maximize your earning by special build!

If you distribute our software through your own distribution channels, you can build your own branded setup file with your affiliate order link embedded. When they are running the program and press the "Buy Now" button, it will take them to your purchase page!

Of course, you have to be a RegNow affiliate in order to do that.

The best part is that you can do it yourself! You can make the special build in 1 minute! Download the zip file here, all you need to do is unzip files into any directory,  run the MakeAff.exe, enter your affiliate ID, click "Make" button, and you are done with the new setup file! (you can also follow the readme instruction in the zip file).


Email SPAM is not allowed, it will result in immediate termination of your affiliate account by RegNow!

What our Watcher program does:

  • As a motion detection software, it captures true video clips which is well compressed.
  • Interfaces with free RemoteView software, which does real-time remote video surveillance using either phone line or internet connections.
  • The advanced motion detection algorithm allows you to set sensitivity, duration of capturing and a lot of other options. 
  • Provides various alarm features to dial a phone, email the motion jpeg files or ftp the files to a remote server!
  • Watcher has the broadcasting capability, where you can broadcast the images captured from your camera on to the internet.
  • Both Watcher and RemoteView can operate in a hidden mode with password protection. Watcher can even operate in stealth mode, i.e., totally invisible.
  • Watcher has auto-start options, and it can automatically start monitoring, listening or broadcasting. 
  • You can schedule Watcher to run at your desired time for desired duration, using the comprehensive Watcher Scheduler.
  • Audio is supported during recording or remote video streaming!
  • Easy to use! It has a simple yet comprehensive user interface, which enable you to use the rich features provided.


If you have any questions, please email us.

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Last updated 20-Mar-2007.



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