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Order Watcher for Video Surveillance and Broadcast Now!

Welcome to our ordering page! Wait no more to buy this inexpensive and powerful tool to satisfy all your surveillance needs and ensure peace of mind. Why take a risk by leaving your properties unmonitored? Order the software now, and you will get:

  • A registration code will be emailed to you immediately.
  • The registration code can be used on more than one computer as long as they are all for your own personal use - the license is linked to customer, not computer.
  • Your code will remove the registration reminder window, and let you enjoy full functionality with unlimited usage.
  • Free upgrade for all newer versions in the future.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling that you did the right thing. Without your support, we can't keep adding new features to Watcher, can't have support people to help you if you have problems, etc.
  • Priority technical support.

A Watcher software costs you only $19.00! RemoteView is free. There is no monthly subscription needed, no hidden cost. We also provide volume discounts for purchase of multiple licenses. Please follow the order information shown in the inline frame below (or click here if the inline frame is not shown).

You will have no problem purchasing the full registered version of our video surveillance software no matter where in the world you live! Simply follow the above purchasing information, your currency will be converted accordingly.

For just 19.00 USD, you can have a complete webcam software for digital video surveillance, monitoring and broadcasting!


Please note that a delay in delivery of registration code could mean that the e-mail address given in your order form is invalid (due to misspelling, etc.), please notify us via e-mail at sales@digi-watcher.com.

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Last updated 01-May-2020.


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