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Free Downloads of Webcam Surveillance Software

Click below to download the latest version 2.35 of Watcher Setup file, for a complete solution (1.8 MB):

Watcher Download Site

To use the optional remote video surveillance feature, you need to download the free RemoteView software (optional) to connect to Watcher. Click below to download the latest version 1.51 of RemoteView Setup file (0.9 MB):

RemoteView Download Site;

Existing users: check out what's new of our surveillance software, and how to upgrade.

Unregistered Watcher can only run for 30 minutes for each execution (Note, after Watcher exits, you can launch Watcher again for another 30 minutes, and again for another 30 minutes, so on and so for). Order-online for just $19.00  and you can get registration codes for Watcher to remove the time limit and enjoy its full functionality for video surveillance.

Please make sure that you have browsed through all the help files (introductory) before you start to use Watcher or RemoteView. The quick start pages on how to use Watcher and how to use RemoteView to connect to Watcher will be especially useful for new users. Refer to FAQ and Troubleshooting page if you encounter problems. We also provide free technical support, so feel free to contact us anytime when you encounter problems.

Please e-mail us your comments about our webcam security software for surveillance and broadcast, and we will develop the next version based on all your feedbacks.


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Last updated 01-May-2020.


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