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DGW to AVI Converter

A little background

DGW file is Digi-Watcher.com's proprietary file format that has the advantage of high compression ratio. As a result, the video log files in our system are well compressed to much less than 1% of its original size, and yet, the quality is guaranteed. Since the file format is proprietary, *.dgw files can not be played back using any other software except for our Watcher and RemoteView.

We introduced a DGW to AVI converter since Version 1.33. This utility was developed due to popular demand from our users. Now that the *.dgw file can be converted to a *.avi file, which can be played back using many popular video player.

Where to invoke the converter

There are two ways to invoke the converter. You can convert the log files created by Watcher into avi files in the log mode. Please refer to here for how to get to the log mode and invoke the converter.

Alternatively, you can launch the converter as a normal program by launching it from the program folder of Digi-Watcher.com.

How to use the converter

The converter program expects you to select a source file (a dgw file) and a destination file (an avi file). For example, the destination file could be "C:\test.avi".

The frame rate setting expects the user to supply a number to specify the number of frames per second for the video. If the dgw file contains audio and you want to maintain the synchronization of the audio and video within the avi file, it is recommended that a small number (2-6) to enter for large frame sized video,  a medium number(5-12) for medium sized video and large number (10-22) for small frame sized video file. The exact and perfect number to enter depends also on the speed of your PC. In general the faster the PC the bigger the number.

The converter also expects a compressor in order to do the conversion. Windows has a list of pre-installed compressors and Watcher will choose the default compressor for you. It is recommended that only advanced user should make his/her choice of the compressor. If you are to make your own choice, we recommend Indeo or Microsoft 1.

When everything is set properly, you can start conversion by clicking on "Start Conversion". The video display windows show the progress of the conversion. Please wait until it finishes.

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Last updated 15-Dec-2004.

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