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Webcam Surveillance Software: 

-- Introducing Watcher and RemoteView

Digi-Watcher.com provides one-stop solution for digital video monitoring, broadcasting, and remote surveillance. We proudly introduce two software from our company: Watcher and RemoteView. Watcher is used for broadcasting, monitoring and recording events while your are away. RemoteView is a free and optional tool for you to take a look at you home (or office) at anytime and anywhere by connecting to Watcher software.  Home security has never been so easy and inexpensive! 

Please note that because Watcher can be used for video logging, or email alert upon motion detection, it falls into the definition of spyware, for example, many of our customers are using it to spy on employees/girlfriend/boyfriend/nanny and so on. If your anti-spyware utility happens to treat Watcher as spyware and stops it from working properly, you should configure your anti-spyware utility to whitelist or ignore Watcher.

Click here for a quick start on using Watcher software for webcam monitoring, broadcasting, and recording. 

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Last updated 16 May, 2019

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