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How to use Watcher - Log Mode

By clicking on the "Logs" Tab, you will enter the Log Window.

The video logs are named using the time at which they are created during monitoring or recording. Dur~n is the duration of the event. Format is the video format used when the event is captured. File size is also displayed.

Alternatively, you can also choose to view the list of video files with preview images by clicking on Watcher menu -> View video log list with preview (html). However, in the html view, you will not be able to do delete/convert/merge as you can do here in "Logs" tab.

Please note that only video log files (video clips) created during monitoring and during automatic recording (Watcher automatically spawns a new file every 20 minutes or your specified time) are listed here. For other recorded video files (where you were prompted for file names), please use the "open" icon, and manually look for the dgw video file that you recorded before.

You can choose a video log file from the list and start playing it by either double-clicking on it or press "play" button when the specific log file is highlighted. If you select multiple video files, these files will be played one after another in sequence. During play, you can choose to "Play Faster" or "Play Slower". In addition, you can also choose to "Zoom In" or "Zoom Out". 

You can also delete log files by selecting one or more files and either press DEL key or click on the trashcan symbol at the right bottom of the window.

A right click on the selected log files will pop up a menu, with four options:

The third option "Convert to AVI" lets you convert the *.dgw file into a *.avi file. This is a new feature introduced since Version 1.33. This function can also be performed by directly opening Dgw2Avi.exe from the Watcher installation directory. For more details on how to use the conversion tool, please refer its help page.

The fourth option "Merge" will merge multiple dgw files into one files. This functions can help to view a lot of video logs at one go. The merged file can be opened by clicking on the small open file icon. You will be prompted to select the file name. While it is playing, you can also try click around to pause it, play it faster or slower, zoom in or zoom out.

Tips: The play faster and slower buttons can greatly reduce the viewing times of the lengthy logs. The more times you click on the Play Fast button, the faster the video plays. The playing speed can be maximized up to your CPU limit, by continuously clicking on the Play Faster button 3 or 4 times. For video files containing audio, the program will prompt the user to disable audio in order to play the file faster.

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