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Multi-Cam Solution

Though Watcher by itself is basically a single-cam software. There are two solutions to use Watcher for multiple camera scenario.

Solution 1: Multiple Watcher Installation (an inexpensive and functional multi-cam solution) 

Solution 2: Use one Watcher with Video Source Switchable Capture board.

Multiple Watcher Installation:

1. Suppose you have two cameras. You can install Watcher software twice into different folders and different program groups, i.e. as if they are two totally unrelated software. If you are not too sure how to do it, please follow the steps here.

2. Run the two installed Watcher software. (Please remember not to run the same Watcher twice.)  You can go to the Video Source menu to select your desired video source for each different running Watcher instance. Different Watcher instance now connects to different cameras, and each of them functions perfectly! To keep a consistent log file management, we recommend you to always associate one Watcher instance with one particular camera. Watcher has the ability to remember the last camera it connects to and will automatically tries to connect to this camera upon program starts. However, the assumption is that different cameras connect to different drivers. If a same driver is used for two cameras, Watcher will not be able to remember the camera.

3. If you put Watcher in "Broadcasting to Local Web Server" mode, you should go to Watcher Settings->Internal Web Server, and specify a different port (which the internal web server listens on) for different Watcher instances. For example, suppose you specify 1234 as the web server's port for Watcher Instance 1, and when you use internet explorer to view the camera connected by Watcher Instance 1, you can put the address as "http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:1234" where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is Watcher PC's IP address.

4. For Remote Surveillance purpose, RemoteView can now connect to different Watchers running on the same PC using TCP/IP connection. This is achieved by specifying the communication port number at Watcher end and RemoteView can then use different port number to connect to different Watcher. With this capability, our software now is truly the most inexpensive and fully functional solution for multi-cam application.  

Further more, this is a perfect solution for those people having two or more webcams, and because they share the same license, you only need to purchase one copy of Watcher to get all of them registered!


Use one Watcher with Video Source Switchable Capture board:

Another solution for multi-cam is to use a switchable video capture card. This type of capture card can be connected to to multiple analog cameras, with the switching function built inside the board, multiple video sources will be combined into one single video stream. So from Watcher's point of view, it sees only one video stream, and yet, you are watching multiple video sources at the same time! 

Besides, with our specially made monitoring technology, Watcher can even monitor motions with the switching video sources sent from these types of switching capture device. It can distinguish between real motion and video switching.

There are many switchable video capture card (or router) in the market. They should be able to work with Watcher as long as they are either WDM (Windows Driver Model) or VfW (video for windows) compatible. Most of such devices supports these two popular drivers.

One of the examples is Videum 4100 from Winnov, a high-performance capture board with four switchable video sources.

For more information on this Videum 4100 from Winnov, please contact Sophie LeGuen.

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Last updated 19-Dec-2007.

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