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How to Register Watcher

Select "Register" from the system menu.

You will be prompted to enter your registration name and a registration code. You can order online if you do not have a registration code. 

You will receive the registration name and code after you make the purchase. Please note the followings when entering them into Watcher:

1. The Reg Name has to be COMPLETE, meaning it has to include your name, brackets, email address.
2. The Reg Code has to be COMPLETE, meaning it includes Digi-Watcher.com/
3. It is case sensitive.
4. Make sure there is no trailing space after the reg name and reg code.
5. Make sure there is no mistyping, it is always better to use copy and paste.

If you still encounter errors during registration, please email us, and we will email you the screenshot images to show you how to do the registration.






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