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Schedule Watcher

The scheduling tool provides greater flexibility for you to run Watcher's recording, monitoring, broadcasting and listening function at your desired time. You can launch the Watcher Scheduler from the program folder of Digi-Watcher.com, as shown below:

Depending on the Operating system and the security setting of your PC, you may or may not be prompted to enter user name and password in order to run the Scheduler (only for the first time you use it). If you are prompted, please enter the usual credential that you used to login to your PC or network. If your current windows login does not use a password, you will need to create a password so as to use the scheduler properly. The scheduled Watcher will then run under this credential. (Depending on your windows settings, the username can be either in the form of 'myusername' or 'mydomain\myusername'). This feature is required by Windows for security reasons. If you entered wrong username or password, the scheduled task (in this case, Watcher) will not run.

Please remember to set Watcher's auto start options before the scheduling, so that Watcher can automatically start Monitoring, Listening or Broadcasting upon it is started by the scheduler. Otherwise, there is no point to schedule Watcher.

Watcher is using Windows default scheduler to schedule Watcher, so once you enter the scheduler, you will see this standard window:

Do not modify the "Run:" parameter, please also do not modify the "Start in" parameter.

Now you can switch to "Schedule" tab to create or modify a Watcher schedule (two sample Watcher schedules are given). For each Watcher schedule (you can select it from the drop-down list under "Schedule" tab), you can do some settings in "Schedule" tab. For example, one schedule can be configured to let Watcher run daily at 4pm, another schedule can be configured to run Watcher once at 6pm tomorrow. You can also go to "Setting" tab to further specify details about all these created Watcher schedules, for example, how long should Watcher run for each time, run this task (schedule) only when computer is idle, etc...

If you encounter any problem with the Watcher program, please refer here for troubleshooting.

The following is for advanced users only, please ignore this paragraph if you don't need to go into such details. From version 2.32 onwards, Watcher can be scheduled to perform certain tasks by just adding a few parameters in the command line ("Run:" line). These are: -record or -monitor or -listen or -broadcast. So for example, you can schedule Watcher to run at 4pm daily for 2 hours, perform monitoring and broadcasting during this period; and to run Watcher at 8pm daily for 3 hours, perform recording only. To do this, you need to bypass Watcher's scheduler, and use Windows "Scheduled Tasks" utility directly. Please go to Accessories->System Tools->Scheduled Tasks, right click and select New->Scheduled Task, give it any name you want, and then double-click on that new task. You should then modify the "Run:" line to be: ""C:\Program Files\Digi-Watcher.com\Watcher 2.32\Watcher.exe" task -monitor -broadcast". Enter "Start in:" line as "C:\Program Files\Digi-Watcher.com\Watcher 2.32" (don't leave out the ", you should also modify the directory accordingly, if Watcher is installed in a different directory). You can then schedule this new task to run Watcher at 4pm daily for 2 hours. Next, you should repeat the procedure to create another new task, give it another name, and then double-click on it, and then modify the "Run:" line to be: ""C:\Program Files\Digi-Watcher.com\Watcher 2.32\Watcher.exe" task -record". Enter "Start in:" line as "C:\Program Files\Digi-Watcher.com\Watcher 2.32", and then schedule Watcher to run at 8pm daily for 3 hours. Please note: Once you enter these additional parameters (e.g. -monitor), all Watcher's own auto-start settings (e.g. it is set to auto-start broadcasting when Watcher is started by scheduler) will be overwritten.

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Last updated 03-Feb-2007.

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