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How to use Watcher - Settings Manual

General Settings

Hidden Mode

The Hidden Mode option enables you to use Watcher without being noticed. When "Minimize to system tray" is chosen, Watcher will minimize to system tray when you click on the Minimize button of the window. Otherwise, it will minimize to task bar. From Version 1.33 onwards, you can even hide the system tray icon so that the program is totally invisible (stealth mode). You need to remember the hot key "ctrl+shift+F9" in order to bring Watcher up from the stealth mode.

The password protection prevents anyone else trying to restore the application without your permission.

From version 2.34 onwards, Watcher no longer offers stealth mode (completely hide Watcher). However, if you really want to have stealth mode, you can download the older verison 2.33 with stealth mode by clicking here. All other functions remain the same.

video surveillance hidden spy


You can use this dialog to set what Watcher should perform when it is auto-started by scheduler, or by NT service, or by Windows. Watcher can be configured to automatically start Record, Monitor, Listen or Broadcast when it is auto-started. You can even  set to auto-start Watcher in hidden mode.

When the last option is selected, Watcher will automatically start to run when Windows starts up and user logs in windows. For WinNT/2000/XP users, you may wish to use NT service feature, rather than this auto-start-when-windows-starts feature.

All these settings can be set in this dialog:

webcam surveillance configuration


From Version 2.10 onwards, Watcher supports audio. You can choose to enable audio for different functions using the following setting page.

Internal Web Server

Watcher comes with a simple built in web server. It serves two purpose:

1. Enabling remote access of the local video log clips. Please refer to this page for how to enable this feature.

2. Continuous broadcasting of JPEG image. Please refer to this page for how to enabling broadcasting to Local web server.

The web server listens on a configurable port, the default port number is 80. To enable multi-cam broadcasting and  remote accessing video log files, you could set web server port number differently for each instance of Watcher connecting to different camera.

In addition, to prevent unauthorized access to your web server, you could set user name and password so that only authorized users can view the broadcasting.


Internet Connection

The internet connection setting is a global setting used by various functions: ftp alert, email alert, remote broadcasting and local broadcasting

For permanent internet connection users, please check the first option and you can leave the page. In addition, you will need to make sure all the functions that makes use of internet connections do not select the "dial up to internet" option in their respectively settings page.

For modem users, please set up the dial up connection properly. In addition, you will need to make sure all the functions that makes use of internet connections select the "dial up to internet" option in their respectively settings page.

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