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How to use Watcher - Settings Manual

Listening Settings

Used together with another software from Digi-Watcher, the RemoteView, you can connect to Watcher software at home and take a look at what's happening there. The Listening function in the Capture mode enables your home PC to be in a ready state to accept the request sent from the RemoteView software. The following settings define how the connection should be established.

Listening Mode

remote surveillance software

There are two modes of connection: TCP/IP connection and Modem-to-Modem direct Connection

For TCP/IP connection, the RemoteView must use your home PC's IP address or hostname to connect. Therefore, it is essential to get the IP address of the home PC (How can I know what's my home PC's IP address? ), or its hostname (How can I obtain a permanent hostname of my home PC in the case of dynamic IP?)

A new feature from Version 1.35 onwards enables you to set the listening port of Watcher. This is useful when multiple watchers are running on the same PC and RemoteView can connect to anyone of them by specifying the respective port number. However, if you are not using the multiple installation of Watcher, please leave the port number to be 5003.

Please remember that if your Watcher is running behind a firewall, and you want a TCP/IP connection,  please make sure your firewall opens the listening ports. 

Note that if you have XP default firewall on, it might ask you to whether block or unblock Watcher software, please click on unblock, because Watcher needs to listen on TCP/IP port for incoming RemoteView connection.

Please refer here for more details on how RemoteView is used to receive the video from Watcher. 

RemoteView Password

You can also set password for RemoteView to connect to Watcher. This is to prevent other people using their RemoteView to connect to your Watcher. This option can be found in the Settings dialog.

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