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How to use Watcher - Settings Manual

Monitoring Settings

Motion Sensitivity

"Very insensitive" means that trivial motion will not be captured, only the dramatic motion will be captured. This may result in loss of event. "Very sensitive" means that even small motion will be captured and it may produce false event. The user is suggested to test and fine tune this setting to a suitable level according to different environments and needs. 

It is strongly recommended that you should fine tune this setting before you start to run monitor over a long period of time. If the sensitivity is too low and you set the phone alert function, you may get a lot of phone calls due to the false detection. Click here for trouble-shooting if you get false motion detection often.

If you want to mask off certain areas of the camera image that you don't wish to monitor you could do so by clicking on the "Set Mask" button.

The "Starting Monitoring" option is to give you plenty of time to get yourself out from the video without triggering an event

Video Logging

It is strongly recommended that video logging is enabled for surveillance purpose. The logged video files will capture the entire event including the triggering motions. Those logged video files will appear as a list in the "logs" window, from where you can play/convert/merge/delete them. All these video files are physically stored in "log" sub-directory under Watcher's installation directory. If you want to change to a different directory or a disk-drive, please refer to this page.

The second option of "Store up to 30 frames ... prior to motion detection" is a very useful feature that captures minor movements preceding the major movement that trigger the video logging. This feature ensures that video log file captures a complete sequence of motion right from the beginning.

The third option of "Enable remote accessing of logged video clips" is another useful feature. If this option is selected, the next time Watcher starts, it will launch an internal web server which can process the request to view the video log files. On the remote PC's internet browser, simply enter the URL as http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/LogList.html where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is your Watcher PC's IP address or host name. Please note that this options requires that your PC is always online. 

The fourth option of "Automatically delete video log files older than ... days" is useful if you want to leave Watcher to run for days or even weeks.

The "Stop Video Logging of event if" are the conditions that you can set to stop an event-logging. The Maximum logging duration sets a maximum length of an event the system can log. The second option give you the choice to stop the logging if there is no motion in a certain time, after all, what's the point of continuous logging if there is no more motion? The last option sets a maximum size limitation on the log file. The three options can be used together or individually. Select the ones that suit your specific requirement.

FTP Alert

Upon motion detection, you can ftp the captured jpeg files to some remote server. You can upload up to 6 jpg files or even the entire capture video, i.e., DGW file. (To upload the DGW files, you must enable the video logging alert.).

In addition, you can also set the quality of the JPEG files, as well as choose to have a different file names (data and time stamped) each time the jpg files are uploaded. Otherwise, the uploaded jpg files will be named as alert1.jpg, alert2.jpg, alert3.jpg etc and each round of ftp alert will overwrite the previous uploaded files.

E-Mail Alert

Email Alert will notify you through email when there is motion detected. The email can attach 0 to 6 jpeg files. By clicking on "More Email Settings", you can customize the alert email further.

Other Alerts

There are three other thingsyou can do after motion is detected: 

  • Play a wave file to warn the intruder

  • Launch an application. 

  • Dial a phone number

You can also choose an application or a file to open, for example, a WinWord file. This is useful if you are playing game at office, and you want to automatically switch to WinWord when your boss comes in.

If you would like to add command line parameters when launching the application, you can put both the application path and name, as well as the command line parameters into a batch file (eg. something.bat), and launch the "something.bat" from Watcher.

To use the last feature, you must select the modem from the list of available modems, and make sure the it is powered on and properly connected.  In addition, you can even set the modem to operator silently, so that the intruder will not notice.

If you have problems with this phone-alert function, please refer to our trouble-shooting page.

Note: If you use your modem to dial-up and then choose to listen on TCP/IP (your PC will now have a real IP address), you can't use the Alert-phone function, because the modem is occupied all the time.  However, if you set your listen to use Modem-to-Modem direct connection, you can still use the Alert-Phone function because the modem is only occupied when RemoteView dials to it.

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