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How to use Watcher - Settings Manual

Video Settings

Video Source and Format

From Version 2.20, Watcher supports the latest and popular DirectShow technology, which is based on WDM models. This means Watcher can now support almost all cameras in the market, since most of the camera support either WDM or VfW. By default, Watcher will use the DirectShow technology. However, you may also uncheck this "Use DirectShow" option to use VfW if there is any problem with the video. 

If you use DirectShow technology, and if your PC has multiple cameras, you can use the "Switch Device" option to select camera. Otherwise Watcher will by default choose the first available camera. If you use VfW technology, click on "Video Source", and you can select cameras from there. This setting is useful if you want to run multiple instances of Watcher software to suit your multi-cam monitoring needs. Refer to here if you want to do so.

The following dialog box may look different for cameras from different vendors. However the essential setting will always be given, such as brightness, contrast and etc. The result of adjusting these setting will be seen immediately after you click on OK. Remember that to ensure a good monitoring result, your video needs to look smooth, so please turn on "flickerless" mode if there is such setting.

camera monitor Please click to enlarge.

Note: Don't change the settings of video source when the program is recording, monitoring or listening. Only do so when the program is idling.

From the same dialog tab "Video Source and Format", you can change the video frame size.

Advanced Video Settings

From the advanced video settings, you can choose whether or not to attach a time stamp to the recorded video or jpeg images.

In addition, you can change the Video Compression Setting. There are four options. The first option is good for high end PC. The second option is suitable for low end PC. The third and fourth option is for media end PC. However, which one to choose really depends on user's own preference. 

Note: Don't change the video frame size or video compression setting when the program is recording, monitoring or listening. Only do so when the program is idling.

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