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Reviews of our webcam security software

"I've tried more than half a dozen webcam software, and Watcher comes close to perfection, with all the necessary features. A very nice program, which I've highly recommended to family members and my work colleagues." -- Michael, Apr 2020

Watcher shown on TV and major news channels:

  • Sky News from UK (July 22, 2009)

    Sky News investigation used digi-watcher to catch rogue PC repairers, and published the video on this story on July 22, 2009.

  • CTV news from Canada (Oct, 2006)

    Watcher was used to capture a crime where two teenagers broke into a house, the story was shown on CTV news, Oct 2006. Full story here.

From some of the famous magazines:

  • SmartComputing, August 2007, Volume 18, Issue 8

    "... we tried a number of software packages, but found Watcher to be the easiest to install and set up ..."

  • Processor, Oct 27 2006, Volume 28, Issue 43

    "... Digi-Watcher.com offers easy-to-use surveillance systems ... ability to monitor your data center 24/7 by motion event captures ... allowing you to 'publish' them to a remote Web site or Watcher's embedded Web server ..."

  • SmartComputing, August 2002, Volume 8, Issue 8

    "... Affordable and surprisingly feature-rich, Digi-Watcher offers a pair of webcam applications, Watcher and RemoteView, that not only let you record video of intruders captured ..."

  • PC Magazine, July 2002 Volume 21, Number 13

    "... Digi-Watcher.com's webcam security software does deliver... Watcher and RemoteView are inexpensive ways of keeping watch ..."

From our users:

  • "Used it to keep track of my babies when they were toddlers, I caught some great moments of playtime etc that I would never have gotten otherwise".  -- Jeff,  Mar 2020

  • "I purchased your amazing software in April of 2010. I loved using it and it revealed a great deal about intrusions into my house." -- Muff, Apr 2018

  • "Just wanted to show you how 2 cameras and 2 instances of digi-watcher are used since I got Microsoft lifecams (HD-3000 and HD-5000), I love digi-watcher for motion detection for what happens around vehicles out in the condo parking lot¡­ even at night. Thanks for a great product. -- Jane, Nov 2017

  • "Watcher, running on our multimedia-PC, filmed the thief who broke-in and stole the whole media-suit (Panasonic TV, SAT-TiVo, Bose HiFi and that PC), but it recorded to a remote (hidden) disc-drive, it took the police minutes to ID him and his buddy, then arrest them. Great product thanks, it is the talking-point in the local neighbourhood. -- Graham, June 2011

  • "It has so far led to the arrest of one person who kicked in the back door to one of our storage buildings and plundered it. Thank you for that! -- Brian, Nov 2010

  • "i would like to say thank you for having this program it is realy good... -- Tony, May 2008

  • "Very impressed. It's the *only* webcam surveillance software that can run 24*7" -- Jim, Mar 2008

  • "Two webcams, monitored by Watcher, captured the entire crime...I got all my property back, the kids were charged with break and enter as well as theft over $1,000... Thank you for making wonderful software. You're helping to make the world a safer, better place" -- Charlie, Oct 2006 (this was featured on Canada's CTV nightly news)

  • "Great web cam software, very easy to use! I wish I had heard about it before." -- William, Jan 2006

  • "First time I've ever recommended a product... Yip! this is a great program and really does compress video..." -- Linda, Feb 2003

  • "I want to thank you for this webcam software it has done the trick and has caught someone already and ive only had it for 3 days good job." -- Craig, Dec 2002

  • "I am very impressed with the powerful yet simple nature of the product... Thanks again for your fantastic support and the speedy emails back to me." -- Jason Lennox, Dec 2002

  • "You may be interested to know that yours is the only software that I have found that will stream video over a Starband satellite connection. After spending several hundred on other webcam security software, I find it very refreshing to experience your product and support." -- Tom Baker, Mar 2002

  • "This video surveillance program works like a charm. It's well designed and functions perfectly" -- denik, June 2001

From some of the software sites that reviewed our software:

  • Yippee.net: "Small, simple, powerful and cheap, Watcher can provide a superb solution to many specific home surveillance needs. "
  • Tucows: "This webcam security program is cool, ... , it works like a charm! "

  • RocketDownload: "Installation is simple, and the user interface is clean and easy to use. Overall, this is a nice webcam software to those of you looking for an inexpensive surveillance system with a myriad of features."

  • BestShareware.net: "Watcher is the only webcam software that combines three features seamlessly: motion monitoring, remote video surveillance and webcam broadcasting! "

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